Monday, August 21, 2017

Friday Swop Shop & Sunday Church Service

Friday Swop Shop

On Friday our group got to see how the swop shop works.  First kids from the community collect trash and then they get points based on how much trash they collected.  Then the kids used the points to get items in the swop shop.  They first get a sheet telling them hw many points they got and then two volunteers help the kids wash their hands.  They then wait in a line to go into the swop shop.  The swop shop has items like cookies to basic hygiene items like soap and toothpaste to rain boots.  When they are getting ready to leave they get some food to take home with them.  This week it was carrots and pita bred.  The kids were excited to get some prizes to enjoy.  

The swop shop is a great way to help clean up the community and rewarded the kids for their hard work.  Seeing all the kid’s faces reminds me of why I am doing this and how blessed I am to have simple items like soap that I take for granted.

Stephanie Martin

Sunday Church Service

We went to church on Sunday morning in Wellington.  We went to the church that some of the ladies that run Ma’s of Wellington go to.  It was a two-hour service but it flew by.  I felt very close to God during the service, which was a beautiful thing. 

A group from their church recently went on a mission trip to Taiwan.  It was interesting to hear about their mission trip experience while we were on our mission trip.  They also mentioned that we were visiting from America during the service.  The congregation reached toward us and prayed which was amazing.

I actually took notes during the service because I wanted to remember what was being said.   The question was asked “What does the LOVE of God motivate/compel/drive me to do?”   

I am on this mission trip because of LOVE.  I LOVE the people I meet on these trips.  I LOVE the people that I go on these trips with.  I feel free to just share God’s LOVE with everyone I meet.  When I am living my daily life in the US, I don’t really think about living my day LOVING others.  The person preaching also said "We must not let our love grow cold."  I feel that is what I am doing in the US.  I let my love grow cold.  I didn't do it intentionally but it just happened because I wasn't thinking about it.  I need to work on this when I return to the US.  

I need to live my days LOVING EVERYONE God places in my path no matter where I am in the world.

Cammy Brantzeg

Random Thoughts

I am sorry that I didn't include any pictures.  It takes forever to upload them and I just wanted to get an update posted.  I am typing my post while we are sitting at the table waiting for our dinner to come.  

Two new German volunteers arrived today.  Lars and Anne (the previous German volunteers) left right before we arrived.  Julian and Kirsten are the new volunteers.  They arrived yesterday and they joined us for dinner tonight at Le Bac.  They both seem nice and I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  They are both planning to blog while they are in South Africa so I will try to pass along their blog information when I have it in case you want to follow them.

Cammy Brantzeg

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