Tuesday, August 15, 2017

the best laid plans...

As most folks probably know by now, we're here safe and sound, thank you, God!  It's Tuesday evening and we've completed our first work day here in SA.  Even with the travel challenges we've faced(as in a missed plane connection in Paris; 12 hour delay), which resulted in an afternoon in that beautiful city, it has been an amazing trip thus far.

Today we headed to the community to paint.  We painted the interiors of houses numbers 3 and 4 (from our work last year) and tomorrow we'll head to houses numbers 1 and 2 to do painting, as well.

Some of us spent time at the community center spending time with the children and Ma's of Wellington.  Such an amazing experience...hard to even articulate.

At every turn, we are confronted with smiles.  I'm not sure that we, in the U.S. can even translate the beauty of that.  These amazing people, in the midst of their deprivation, find joy at every turn.  Their recognition of the faces who've been here before that they recognize, are simply 'appreciative'.  Their  faces reflect joy, as they know it, and a faith that is exemplified in the midst of need and depravity that most of us have never known.  It is such a beautiful example for those of us who have so much.  We have lots to learn and much to process.

Your prayers for this team and the folks we serve are coveted.  Thank you, friends.  Know that we are well and blessed here.  Thank you for your prayers for this experience and for these amazing people.  In HIM and for the Team, vicki

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  1. We are praying for all of you! Keep shining your lights! Love to all! -Deb